Vera Baird DBE KC

Writer, Lecturer, Parliamentary Consultant and Co-Director of Astraea: Gender Justice

Tag: Violence Against Women and Girls

  • Emily Wilding Davison’s Birthday

    Emily Wilding Davison Emily Wilding Davison was born on 11th Oct 1872, she was one of the most famous suffragettes – she defied the odds many times, she stood up for what she believed in, even when women could not gain a degree from Oxford University, her result exam result was a first class honours.…

  • “Loose Women” TV Programme debate – Judy Finnigan

    The comments of broadcaster Judy Finnigan in her debut on the TV programme ‘Loose Women’ in relation to a high profile rape case involving a footballer have been criticised by Vera Baird. The former Richard and Judy star was commenting on the case of footballer Ched Evans who was jailed for five years in 2012…