Justice for Jane Clough

Vera is pleased to have written a new clause into the Legal Aid Bill for the ‘Justice for Jane Clough’ Campaign and got the Shadow Justice Minister to propose it in the House of Commons. “The Government has accepted it in principle but it must go into this Bill and not be delayed because it will save lives”


Here is Julie Bindel’s excellent piece from the Guardian and Vera’s piece on the Justice for

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Astraea Research: Solicitors Questionnaire

Research Project: Responses to Rape Questionnaire for Solicitors

Astraea: Gender Justice (Research) is undertaking a small research project on the responses of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority to applications made by survivors / victims of rape. Because we are aware that solicitors are approached by victims / survivors of rape and/or advertise their services in respect of applications for CICA compensation, it is important that solicitors’ perspectives are included in this study.

Astraea would be extremely grateful for your co-operation in responding to this questionnaire. To answer questions, please tick the appropriate box. Where you think it is helpful

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The Centre for Criminal Appeals

Vera is pleased to have been elected Chair of the Board of Directors and a Trustee of the Centre for Criminal Appeals. CCA is in process of being registered as a charity. Her co-directors are well-known crusading solicitor Glyn Maddocks and project manager and pioneer of the US Innocence Project, Emily Bolton. The Centre for Criminal Appeals (CCA) is a new “access to justice” initiative which is currently in its start-up phase. Its mission will be to work to overturn unsafe convictions by providing investigation and direct legal representation on Criminal Appeal cases in England and Wales. It aims

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Seminar: Judicial Independence, Judicial Accountability and the Media

September 21st 2011 “Judicial Independence, Judicial Accountability and the Media” was the title of a seminar Vera was pleased to deliver with Lord Collins and the journalist Joshua Rosenberg, for the University College London Constitution Unit. The discussion was held under Chatham House rules and a summary will be published shortly.

Decimating women's rights

If the Coalition wants to win back women voters, they must ditch the disastrous domestic violence provisions in their Legal Aid Bill…

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National Conference: Understanding the New Guidance on Domestic Homicide Reviews

Vera spoke at a National Conference in Nottingham on “Understanding the New Guidance on Domestic Homicide Reviews”.

Here are the slides: Domestic Homicide Reviews-21st Sept. 2011.

Opening the Courts to TV might open up Justice



Annual Lecture to Northern Ireland Medico-Legal Society

Belfast March 18th 2011 Intriguing Title expressed with the Artful Aid of Apt Alliteration At the risk of sounding vulgar I think we have one P too many in there. Think we can put together Perpetrators and Prisoners — though I cant manage a word that does that. And let’s start there because there are far too many of the latter – women in prison. I know you have some specific and very contemporary issues in Northern Ireland. Start In Uk between 1995 and 2005 the proportion of women being sentenced to


Breaking Up Breaking Through

Breaking Up: Breaking Through Commonwealth Women in Science and the Professions Panel Contribution by Vera Baird QC, former Solicitor General of England and Wales and Co-Director of Astraea:Gender Justice (Research and Training) In the UK, Women are making inroads at lower levels in justice agencies but the higher positions remain male dominated. These echelons are where the rules of the game – the norms are set which deal with women as victims or as defendants. Here is a checklist of 3 reasons why Justice needs more women. • Women make up half the population and as such should be

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Salford Case

Vera’s briefing on the controversial bail case of Police vs Hookway Salford case of Hookway and Police (Detention and Bail) Bill 2011 Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 1.What happened in Hookway case? He was arrested on suspicion of murder and detained from 12 40pm on 7th November 2010. (Note detention after arrest is in S37. If there is evidence sufficient to charge that he must be charged but; S37(2) PACE If the custody officer determines that he does not have such evidence before him the person arrested shall be released either on bail or without bail unless the

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